We don't believe there is one varietal out there that everyone should be drinking.  Life is short.  Drink what you like.

We hope you're as excited to try new things as we are and we hope you'll enjoy the wines we strive to produce [the ones we like to drink].  Bright, fruit forward wines.  Here you will find wines fresh and juicy as the day they were picked.  We love to capture fruit, squeeze them into bottles and hold the result hostage for a while ... until we rip corks and drink them.  

We believe that wine should be consumed nightly if not daily.  Wine should absolutely be shared - when possible.  Wine should stand on it's own just as much as it should pair with food.  Wine is a beverage.  Much like beer is just a beverage. 

Crack a bottle and let us know what you think.

Dreamcôte is committed to giving back.  We commit 5% of the gross profit from every bottle sold to a number of selected charities.  Have a charity to recommend?  We're all ears.  Learn more

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