Goat II "Goat Sans Rope. Goat Sin Ropa"

Goat II Goat Sans Rope Goat Sin Ropa label.jpg
Goat II Goat Sans Rope Goat Sin Ropa label.jpg

Goat II "Goat Sans Rope. Goat Sin Ropa"


Varietal: Guess!

Cases Produced: 146

Notes:  Cherry preserves, cedar, vanilla, flamed orange peel. This wine was crafted to follow closely in the style of Goat I - Goat Without a Rope - crafted as a tribute to my awesome grandfather. Without giving too much away on this one (we want you to come in to see if you can guess what varietal this is), this wine is 100% one varietal. It's rich, spicey and packed with fruit. This lush, juicy workhorse red was crafted to pair with e'rthing.

Chefs Paring:  Moroccan spiced elk (or beef) stew.  Get the recipe here! 



84 Cases Produced

Vineyard: Plummer Vineyard, Paso Robles, CA

Style:  30% New French Oak.  LUSH & JAMMY. 


Chefs Pairing: Political conversation with relatives you try not to see more than once a year.  Cheers!

Retail: $29/bottle

(Wine Club $20.30/bottle)

"Goat without a Rope" was an expression my great-grandfather used, and nickname my grandfather gave to me.  If you know goats, you know that without a harness, they’ll wander all over - out the gate, onto your car, into your neighbors yard to eat cans.  It's a term of endearment - at least I think it's a term of endearment.  Regardless, this wine is my tribute to my grandpa, Jose Barraza.  A man who chased and netted the American Dream.  As a boy he picked cotton, grapes - whatever produce would bring his family dollars to pay rent.  His father Pedro brought them from Durango.  They had nothing.  My grandfather grew up, and had two children of his own when he took a pay cut as a ditch-digger to become a bricklayers apprentice.  He wandered.  A few years ago he retired, a seasoned mason with hammers for fists.  At the height of his career, he had crews enough to sky two large block buildings simultaneously.  I want to be just like him.  Working towards the best, even if it means taking a step back every now and then.  Cheers.  

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